Hello and thank you for visiting my Blog! My miniature passion lies in making houseplants, but since most are viewable on my website, this blog will often feature wonderful treasures by other artisans, with a few diversions I hope you will find interesting.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Hello to those of you who are stopping to see me after my long absence. When daily life became all consuming, little pleasures got lost in the shuffle. Months passed, then a year, then so much time that I was embarrassed to start posting again until I had something exciting to tell.

Well, that time has finally come with another unexpected pleasure. To say unexpected isn't really accurate as I did apply for IGMA Artisan membership and therefore had a chance. The pleasure is that I was accepted! I submitted five plants, some were redesigned and some newly designed. After weeks of tedious, frustrating, and exhausting work, I was never so glad to see something leave my sight. Yet, the next day I was anxious to get back to designing even more new plants!  That plan was nixed by my family, who insisted I clear more than two places to eat at the dining room table. I told them Taco Bell had plenty of empty tables!

For now I will only be making a few plants per month, but I am looking forward to having more time in the Fall, and taking over the table again. While raising four children I ate many meals on my feet, going back and forth from the table to the stove, to the frig, and to the sink. It's their turn, don't you think?

Here is my redesigned Rubber Tree.