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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Here is a photo of my 2012 IGMA Artisan submissions.  I took the picture in a hurry and it could have been much better thought out, but I always seem to be rushing around at the last minute.  Sending my plants to IGMA was no exception, although this time I had a very good reason.  That didn't change the outcome, which was that I failed to take one more extra step to ensure they make it safely through the mail. I have never had a plant break loose, until now.  Of all times for this to happen!  But it did, and I can blame only myself. :( 

The people at IGMA tried to fix them, and they made a valiant effort I am sure, but the photo I just saw on their blog was a surprise.  I had no idea that my plants had been so tossled around.  Good news for me is that I can easily rearrange them back to normal.  Bad news for me is that they don't look like they should in the photo people will see.  Worse news for me is that the plants will be at the Guild Show in Castine, and I can't be there to fix them!  So anyone going to the Guild School, or knows anyone going, please pass it on that my plants are a little mis-shapen, but just like a real plant, they can be revived.

This situation reminds me of my High School yearbook picture. I waited too long, totally my fault, to choose one of my proofs for the yearbook, so someone else chose it for me. There were only six proofs and one was clearly the best, so I assumed they would use it. When the yearbooks came out, I found myself staring in shock at the worst of the lot! Someone chose the most stupid, totally unnatural pose, and I am mortified to this day.

                                      NEVER PROCRASTINATE
                                      NEVER TAKE A BAD PICTURE

Corn Plant - Rubber Tree
Peace Lily - Hosta "June" - Bunny Ears Cactus

Hosta "June" with slug.


  1. You took really lovely pics here, Carolyn! But I agree with the moral of your story.

  2. Your plants are so beautiful Carolyn. I doubt anyone will notice if they got tossed around.
    Real plants aren't perfect anyway.

    I love your rubber tree plant. I had one beside my garage in Florida and yours looks JUST like it!

    Keep up the good work and try not to worry. :D

  3. Thank you all for your support.:) I guess I just have to use this as a learning experience, but darnnit, did I have to learn a lesson during my fifteen minutes of fame?:(