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Friday, July 13, 2012


One of my non-miniature interests is refinishing wood. Several years ago I saw a picture in a magazine of a double wood door painted teal blue, which I hung on my fridge where it stared back at me for quite some time. I very much liked that it was different from the normal red door, which I also like, but that it was unusual and would make my dull front facade pop out with color.  My 70-year-old wood door was painted black, chipping, splitting, and an embarrassment.  Buying a new one was out of the question after trying to install a new screen door.  The opening was not square and whomever installed it long ago apparently didn't think about the poor souls who might have to eventually replace it.  But refinishing a front door had to be done during warm weather because the door had to be removed to strip the paint and remove the old varnish on the interior side (which was restained and varnished).  Then there was the privacy and security issues of no front door. 

After much discussion over choosing the color that looked right in shade and sunlight, I settled on a color. The new properly locking screen door, and my large dog, provided security. I made a cardboard door for privacy, with the words 'Speak "Friend", and Enter' written on it, but only my family recognized and appreciated the "Lord Of The Rings" reference.

So here is the finished project, without the brass hardware that I also refinished.  I really love it, and although many people thought I was making a mistake, they have grown to appreciate my choice. I just wish I didn't have to cover it all up with the screen door.


  1. I love the color, and as a matter of fact, the color blue is my favorite. You know what? The color blue usually means prosperity and abundance. With its calm tone, it will bring lots of positive energy into a space.

  2. Hi Sharron:) The cool thing about my door is that it changes color slightly with the amount of sun. Sometimes it looks deeper. But I always love pulling up to my house and seeing it. I will agree that the color blue may mean abundance because my house is packed with people. Still waiting on the prosperity, though!

  3. Hi, Carolyn. There’s no doubt that you’re really happy with the color of your front door. It changes color? It seems like magic, doesn’t it? Hehe! Well, I know what you mean. :) The color blue certainly exudes a cool and optimistic vibe. It’s great that you really picked this shade!
    Rodney Orton @ McKinnis Roofing

  4. Hi Rodney. It's funny how much I continue to enjoy this door! And recently I have seen two movies on tv with the same color door! One of them was made in 1994 (The Santa Claus with Tim Allen), so I'm thinking my decorating style is a bit behind the times. But I'm all about old school so it works out just fine!