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Monday, May 10, 2010


Moving on from possums to plants, here are a few from my personal collection. I made the two smallest Jades for sale some time ago, but decided to keep them. I love Jade plants, but I can't grow them very well. Actually, not at all since none have survived. Sorry, the pot on the right is crooked. Don't you just want to reach in and straighten it? LOL!

When I make plants from clay, I never know what the final size will be, which tends to work out fine for scale since most plants have a range of sizes. I've grown Jades with very small leaves, and some that are much, much larger. Can you tell from the first pic how big these are? Now don't peek at the second photo!

Ok, now you can look. How close were you?

This is a Bunny Ears cactus. I grew some in my real garden, but I was pricked so many times that I dug them up, using heavy gloves, and trashed them. I'll stick with the miniature version, thank you very much!


  1. Wow, they're tiny! I would have pictured them bigger if it weren't for the dime. And when you showed the pictures of your display at the Chicago show, I could see just how small they were. They're awesome Carolyn, both the jades and the cactus!!! Even more impressive when you can see just how tiny and detailed they are.

  2. Carolyn,

    OMG! They are just beautiful. I was so astonished when I saw your work in Chicago. I have never seen any miniature plants look that real before.

    BTW... I have a very nasty climbing rose bush. I never come away from it unscathed. There are nasty hooky thorns every 1/4 of an inch. I used leather gloves and clipped lengths of it to use in my flower pots. I am hoping the squirrels will take the hint and stop digging out all my flowers this year.

  3. Thanks, Kristy and Catherine!

    I did notice that when I resized the pics for posting, the leaves of the smaller Jades look kind of, wavy maybe? Weird.

    Catherine, I might use your idea to keep the damn squirrels from breaking off my geraniums. They even got the ones in a hanging pot! Why they think I have buried acorns in the potting soil, I don't know.

  4. Wow, Carolyn, save for the size, your Jade looks remarkably like the real thing. I found out they are also called money plant!!! My goodness, how many plants out there are nicknamed money plants??! Their leaves are so thick and succulent, they don't look like they are capable of dying even if you don't water them. Yours especially, lol.

    AND I seriously don't know why people want real prickly cactus when they can buy yours :).

  5. A mi me parece que te han quedado genial!!!!
    Las plantas pueden ser de diferentes tamaños, depende de como las cuides jejejeje
    besitos ascension

  6. Wow they are amazing.

    I've never tried making any kind of succulent as I just can't work with clay and can't get that effect with paper.

    All I took a look at your website and all of your plants are fabulous.

  7. LOL Susan! What's this with me making money plants? Maybe that means I'll make lots of money!

    Thanks Besitos and Tallulah! And welcome to my blog, Tallulah! Glad you visited my website, although it needs some updating:)

  8. Ascension, I think I have been calling you the wrong name! I thought your name was Besitos, but that means kisses in English! Is your first name Chomi?

  9. I love them but like you, I would rather have cactus in miniature!


  10. FANFREAKINGTASTIC, baby!!!!! I am convinced that you can make ANY plant in existence, no question!!

  11. Aw, shucks Kiva. You always say the nicest things! But now I have to live up to your comment. Damn...

  12. OMG!!!! Your succulent are brilliant! They look so unbelievably real.
    Wonderful, beautiful work!!


  13. Hi Karin and welcome to my blog! It has been abandoned for awhile until I finally built a new computer. It needs attention, as does my website, but I'm glad to see someone here again. I just made a new Jade with a few minor changes and I was very happy with it. I hope to get a few more made and list them on my website. Thanks for visiting!

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