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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Keeping December, 2009 in mind...

...makes Spring a welcome sight!


  1. OK not fair! Now I find out you actually have a "real" green thumb too.
    Other than the obvious reason I love your miniature plants... I know I can't kill them. I can kill a plant faster than anyone I know.

  2. Catherine, I know of at least one person that probably has you beat at being the fastest plant killer! Plants hate me for some reason!
    Carolyn, what a beautiful garden and flowers! And Mercedes is such a cutie! I love that pic of her digging in the snow, LOL!

  3. Catherine and Kristy, if you plant perennials, they tend to grow themselves! Everything you see was planted over the last several years. Of course, the zone makes a difference, and you two don't have the winters I do. Wanna' trade? LOL!

    Not sure if you can tell, but the top pic of the tree is covered in ice, not snow. Why some of the photos will enlarge and some won't, I don't know.

    Kristy, Mercedes loves the snow! I like it too because she doesn't do tub baths well and she is self-cleaning in the snow. Muddy spring is another story. She is trained, when she comes in from the rain, to give me a paw to wipe off, but she keeps giving me the same paw!

  4. Beautiful, Carolyn! What are the pretty white and yellow blooms? I am trying to make them into daylilies but my daylilies aren't blooming here yet.


  5. Jody, I can't remember the name of that plant, but it's not a daylily. It's a small bush. I have the marker somewhere, so I'll look for it and let you know.

    Just returned from two days with my daughter at her college. My two sons and I went to help her move. We timed it to see the Goo Goo Dolls in concert, and what a show! I haven't been to a concert in years, but this was great. A small venue, easy parking, and a place to stay ten minutes away

  6. Jody, the yellow and white flowered plant is an Azalea, specifically called 'Northern Hi-Lights'. The foliage turns purplish in the fall. Too bad the blooms don't last, but isn't that always the case with perennials? Bummer.

  7. OMG, gorgeosity, Carolyn!!!! What I wouldn't give to have your garden!!! You have a real, human green thumb, not just a miniature one!!!!

  8. Kiva, do you forget where you live? You can have gorgeous, flowering plants all the time! Unless I plant annuals every year, my bloom time is limited, and only possible because the have a dormant period, which is when both the plants and I freeze! LOL!