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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here is my new project. Not a major one, but that still doesn't mean I will finish it!

This greenhouse belonged to my Mother. I used it for displaying my plants for a few shows in Denver some time ago. I thought it would be nice to use it again.


  1. That looks like quite the project Carolyn, but how cool once you have it fixed up. What a perfect display for you plants! Now I don't want to hear all the excuses when I ask you if you've worked on it at all, okay? LOL

  2. LOL Kristy! I love it when someone else leaves a typo! I do it all the time, even after I preview the post, as you well know.

    I need a new keyboard. This one cannot spell.

  3. OMG! Never build a house without a blueprint! Trying to fit pieces that are so similar, yet have a left and right orientation, and then realizing I shouldn't have glued one until I positioned the other, which, of course, requires three hands, is nuts! (And that was a long sentence.) It doesn't help that the original wasn't made flush, so when I try and finish it flush, things don't match up!

    Home repair, on a smaller scale. Argh!!

    Welcome, Susanne!

  4. Wait! I am the queen of typos. lol No one can get that crown from me.

    I love that green house Carolyn! It is perfect for your gorgeous plants.

  5. Your green house cannot be anything but awesome, Carolyn! Just "grow" your devil's ivy where there is a "mistake" and they will look fabulous. All mistakes can be rectified with plants. I always do that..lol :). Most of your greenhouse will be filled with your plants anyway right so there's no need for any blue prints! lol

  6. Catherine and Susan, you might be in for a disappointment when you see it finished. It is missing eight trim pieces, and all smack dab in front! I might be able to fashion something later, but for now it's a done deal. It needs touch up paint in a few places, but I like the weathered look. I wish it was made of glass, not acrylic, which scatches so easily.

    I do love the design of the greenhouse, and it's sentimental because I used it in miniature shows with my Mom, so I might use it as a display in my home. But where to find a clear surface to put it? Hum.....

  7. Carolyn, I'm really proud of you that you put it together so fast! I was really expecting the old
    "My house is a mess, I have to clean it first so I have room" or "Too many people in the house today, I'll start on it tomorrow" or "Can't find the glue, have to buy some glue. I'll buy some tomorrow maybe" LOL You know I'm just messin' with ya!! Can't wait to see a picture of it finished (minus the eight trim pieces)

  8. Testing, testing.........can you see me now??

  9. You know me too well, Kristy. But I pushed away a spot on the dining room table and did it! So there! Na na, na na, na, na!

    And yes, I can see you now. That was too weird that your last post didn't show up until you posted again.