Hello and thank you for visiting my Blog! My miniature passion lies in making houseplants, but since most are viewable on my website, this blog will often feature wonderful treasures by other artisans, with a few diversions I hope you will find interesting.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Before I start posting pics of my work, I must say thank you to Kiva Atkinson, a very special friend who featured me on her blog (http://kivasminiatures.blogspot.com/). She doesn't need an introduction, but if you haven't visited her website you are missing a real treat! Her eclectic taste in miniature foods runs from the basic food groups to Harry Potter mandrakes!

I only wish my human meals would look half as appetizing as her miniature versions! Below are two of my favorites.

Oh, and Kiva, since I accidentally set up this blog while trying to comment on yours, I expect to see you here often!


  1. That roast is incredible!!! It's the pic I picked to put on my website link. And the pic of the game hens and veggies is unreal!!! (I mean it's so real, it's unreal, LOL ).
    Ok, I've just been staring at those pics for the last 5 minutes saying.."wow", "holy sh*t", "how the hell...??"

  2. Kristy, I just made this post and you already commented! Are you stalking me?

    Sorry, I didn't know you used the same pic, but I guess we were both drawn to it.

    After eating lunch at Arby's and then looking at Kiva's work, well, my stomach feels so cheated!

  3. I'm not stalking you silly, my blogger "buzz me" gadget went off so I checked my pc. Don't you have that yet?

  4. You mean I could be getting a buzz every time someone posts a comment? Sign me up, baby!

  5. HAHAHAHA......well no, not really. That was just sort of a belated April Fool's joke. :P
    Actually, for all I know maybe there is such a thing.

  6. You brat! I looked high and low for that darned buzzer!

  7. Hi Carolyn,I can´t wait to see your plants.
    Miniregards from sunny Spain,Sonia.

  8. Hello Sonia! Miniregards back to you from partly sunny, warm, and windy Illinois, USA!

    You don't have to wait to see my plants. I have a website (http://www.carolynmohlerkraft.com)and a CDHM Gallery (http://www.cdhm.org/user/hellopoppet. I hope you will visit them, too!

  9. Estoy de acuerdo contigo.
    Creo que es una de las mejores artesanas haciendo comidas en miniatura.
    Seguro que tu nos asombras con tus trabajos.
    Ire pasando para ver tus creaciones.
    besitos ascension

  10. Oh Carolyn, you sneaky bugger you!!!! Thank you, sweetie pie!!! But we all want to see those gorgeous plants of yours!!!! Bring it on!!